Monday, February 20, 2012

Block #4 Take-One

And yes, there will be a take-two post... after getting 4 half-square-triangles sewn together, I realized that I didn't use the updated measurements from the instructions. Well, there was no way I was throwing out those already-sewn hst sets, so I recut a few of the pieces to fit with my triangles. As I figured, the block came out about an inch too big. I am still happy with it, but it won't fit in the quilt. 

So, I'll sew another one with the correct measurements and I'll either make this block into a matching pillow or mini-quilt... or I'll just use it in the quilt's backing. 

I'm off to cut more tiny pieces! Wish me luck :) At least I'm familiar now with the Bear Paw block!

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