Thursday, February 23, 2012

Sub File #4

Joys of a Science Classroom
You just never know what to expect upon entering a science teacher's classroom.  

(FYI: these pictures were all taken on my iPhone, so I apologize in advance for poor quality)

For instance, today, I was a Biology teacher. Here's what I encountered in the jungle...

I told you it was a jungle... plants everywhere and vines hanging from the ceiling. Some vines even had ornaments - paper DNA models!

A snapping turtle named Scuba Steve. He's a big boy. Sorry you can barely see his head... his water was dirty...

 Yup, there was even a pet iquana.

 Not sure of the name of this thing, but he can be quite distracting, moving around in here while the students were testing!

 I think there was about 5 different fish tanks. One housed these weird, little guys.

 European mounts (I know that because of Grizz... it's when it's just the skull and no skin on the mount)

 Lots of bones and specimens in jars.

 And even a King Crab on display...

As you can see, I had plenty to look at as I walked around and monitored the testing students. But just a quick note to my brother (the one who is student teaching in a bio classroom this semester), please, if you decide to go this crazy in your classroom, keep the fish tanks clean and the bones dusted. Blech.

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