Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Block #4 Take-Two

This is Block #4 "Bear Paw"

Well, the 2nd take on this block ended up the right size... so that's a plus!
Thank you Mom for the fabric. I "stole" it when we were home over Christmas when I was "stealing" all of her scraps. It's from the last baby quilt she made. These yellows were part of a giraffe. I thought the swirls would work for a fuzzy bear paw too. Although, the more I look at it, the more it reminds of a sun... but I'm still saying it's a bear paw!

Tip: Pressing at the end can help hide lots of things, like the fact that the "claws" wanted to be a fan instead of a strait row. Even though I cut the half-square triangles smaller this time, they still didn't want to align with the swirly-fabric-square. (Sad, frustrated face).

And there are all the blocks in the same spot. Again, the blue one is too big for the quilt (hence the reason I needed to try again); but it's still hand-pieced and I'll still do something with it, so they're all still one big happy family :)


  1. I would love to try hand piecing, Yours look fantastic!

  2. Your blocks look lovely. Have you tried spraying your fabric with spray starch and ironing before you cut it? It was a tip in a QAL I joined and it has worked for me!

  3. These are lovely! I love your choice of fabrics, even if it is stolen! ;-)