Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Memories on Valentine's Day

On this Valentine's Day, let's go back in time... to Thanksgiving Day 2010.

I was home with my parents since Grizz was staying in the Big Sky - he only got one day off for Thanksgiving (we weren't married yet. We weren't even engaged yet). I woke up, shared a few texts before I got ready for a Turkey Day 5k. I was on the verge of being upset with Grizz for not texting enough :)

There was maybe 100 people in the race, so I won a pumpkin pie for being the first woman to cross. Grizz didn't seem all that excited. Again, not the happiest with him. However, I knew that he was busy cooking his own turkey and then he would be spending the afternoon with friends. 

When I got home, I was quite lazy. I showered, but I didn't do my hair and I just put comfy clothes on. I also had lots of tests to grade (102 to be exact... one for each of my seventh graders in my math and pre-algebra classes). Did I do them? Nope. Mom kept telling me to go do my hair or to start grading papers. That didn't sound like fun. Instead, I hung out in the kitchen and just enjoyed my parents' companies.

We sat down to a turkey dinner, just me, my mom and my dad. My brother was spending dinner with his girlfriend's family, but they would be coming later. At one point, Dad got up, grabbed his phone and went outside. Mom said that he was calling my brother. Reception can be shaky out at our country home. He came back in, cleaned his plate and went up for seconds. As he was sitting down again, he turned to Mom and said, "Weren't we going to use a different plate for the turkey?" Mom responded, "Why, yes, I forgot to grab the platter from the playhouse... Heidi, why don't you go get it?" She told me it was the one on the old stove. Dad pretty much rushed me out the door, and when I retreated from the snow-dusted ground because I was only in socks, Dad started yelling "Go! Just run!" So, I ran...

 I opened the top half of my door and looked toward the stove. No platter. So, I looked to the other side of the playhouse. After a good shriek and a jump back... come on, wouldn't you jump if there was a strange figure in your playhouse?! ... I ran inside and hugged my boyfriend :)

We didn't get any pictures of the proposal, so we took some on our wedding day :)

He had made up the whole cooking turkey story - so when he had told me that morning that he had to baste the turkey, he was actually driving across the state. Why did Dad have to go "call my brother?" Texts had stopped coming from Grizz, but from the last text, Dad knew he had to be close. He found Grizz out in my playhouse. He had parked at the end of our driveway so I wouldn't see the car. He walked behind our shelterbelt so I wouldn't happen to see him walk past a window. It was a tad chilly out there too, but he was out there for about ten minutes before Dad found him.

After the hug, I sat on the bed, and he sat and played his guitar. He rewrote the words to Eidelweiss (Sound of Music)... I barely remember what he said once he got down on his knee, but obviously I said "YES!"

Turns out almost everyone knew about his plan. Mom was hoping I could get some grading done before dinner as she knew I'd be busy the rest of the weekend. My cousin had tricked me into telling her what type of ring I wanted (that story was told here). Grizz told my best friend to make sure I didn't make plans to surprise him in the Big Sky.

It was the perfect way to be asked to spend the rest of my life with someone. And on this Valentine's Day - the first as a married couple... I just wanted to share the memories :) Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!

*Our Wedding Photographer was by Black Studios

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