Monday, February 13, 2012

Just Some Things I'd Like to Share

 Story: Grizz has lots of coworkers. One coworker was sent fifteen hours away for a month to work in a different office. That office is in the town that Grizz and I went to college. It is also the town that I grew up 20 minutes away from. That coworker graciously brought some stuff home to us from our families. To Grizz, he brought a hunting bow (perhaps I'll share that story another time). To me? He brought a hatbox worth of goodies!

 The hat box was my Grandmothers... the Grandmother who died when I was pretty young, so this box is really special to me. She used to quilt quite a bit, so I'm glad that I can use this box to keep sewing notions in :)

Mom stuck it full of fun stuff - three pairs of jeans so I can make baby bibs, all of her rick-rack and lace and ribbons and snaps and elastic and and and... yeah, pretty sure opening this was opening presents on Christmas morning!

 She also stuck in these little guys. Every once in awhile she'll stop by an antique store (hmm, I wonder where I get that from), the last time she went, she found these. They aren't anything fancy like Fostoria Chintz or Cambridge Rosepoint, but they still match our china AND they add to our random assortment of etched and non-etched glassware we're collecting for our formal dinnerware (didn't I post about that once?!)

 One of my Christmas gifts was a china bowl in our wedding pattern. See how well those salt and pepper shakers match the swirls on our china? :)

Well, once I recieved that HUGE box of sewing goodies, I had to reorganize everything! This turned into putting my buttons into a big pickle jar (a Sam's Club pickle jar... like I said, big). I spilled. Buttons went everywhere.

Random pic... I love this hanging that is on the side of my fridge. "God Bless My Little Kitchen." And believe me, I have a little kitchen! But it's cozy, with a spot for everything that needs to be there. This is what my future kitchen will be decorated around. Greens, reds, vintage, etc.

 Finally, here's another Christmas gift - this one was from Grizz's sister. She made this rice bag. It feels so good to heat this up in the microwave and then place it on the lower back and shoulders. It just might have been a leeettttlllleeee usual for when Grizz was in major pain with his back injury from snowboarding (you can look up that post too).

I was pretty proud of myself for finding a home for it. It's not something that I wanted to have lying around and then constantly moving it from spot to spot because it doesn't have a place of it's own. So, up went a hook, right under the microwave. Pretty clever, huh?

So, that's all for the random post of the day. Hope it wasn't too much :)

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