Friday, February 17, 2012

Block #4 In Process

When I first looked at this post this morning, I was a wee bit nervous. Yes, the Bear Paw quilt block is on my list to sew someday, but am I ready?! So many pieces... little pieces. Since the block ends up as a 6" square, you can imagine how little these pieces are!

 But, I gathered my courage and gathered my supplies.
 Before cutting out, we use a mechanical pencil to write the cutting lines and the seam allowances.

 This is how I know what to cut out. I have the blog post up with the piece dimensions so I know exactly what to cut without having to write it down first. Yay for smartphones!

 There's always the mistake when I do these... Do you see what I did wrong?

 And here are all the finished pieces... now I just have to sew them all together again!

Good thing we're going on an excursion this weekend; I should have plenty of driving time to sew! Woohoo! Check back on Monday for the finished block :)

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