Monday, February 13, 2012

Birthday Party!

 One of the best things about hosting a party? You NEED to clean beforehand! Backwards logic, eh? But really, I can keep things tidy-enough around the apartment, but when it comes to washing floors and disenfecting the kitchen, yeah, I slack a bit. Thus, we had a cleaning party on Sunday! The cleaning party included Grizz fixing the vacuum, and Grizz fixing the toilet.

I couldn't help myself. This needed to be captured. Did you know that the stopper/rubber thing in the tank is officially called a "flapper?" That's the thing that broke, and that's the thing that Grizz replaced! Woot!

 So, here he is... sitting backwards, being the Mr. HandyMan that he usually is.

 Can you see the new "flapper?"

here's the old one. Icky. And broken. 

 On a side note. One of the main reasons I moved my sewing stuff to the second bedroom and am now calling it MY ROOM, is because of the party. So, bye bye to this pile of goodies :) It's now hidden behind a closed door :)

 Finally, it was time to decorate!

 Yes, we have antlers in our living room. And yes, I jazzed them up a bit.

 We went with black, gold and silver because Neighbor is a Valentine's Day baby, so she usually gets lots of reds, pinks and purples around her birthday. I decided to change that!

 Even the globe got a crown :)

 There's the pretty Neighbor of ours.

 We are bless to have such a great Neighbor!

And Neighbor's boyfriend joined the pic!

We had a total of ten people in our apartment. Eight can fit around our table, but because we made Sukiyaki (Japanese stir-fry), Grizz and I were constantly busy in the kitchen, so we didn't need to be around the table. I also made "Better than No-Crutches" cake... Neighbor is able to walk without crutches now (even though she is waiting until May to have surgery on her torn ACL).

Overall, it was a great day - cleaning, decorating, baking, cooking, chatting, laughing and playing games. What a way to end a weekend!

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