Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hand-Pieced Quilt-A-Long

I've decided to stop sitting here and wishing and hoping that maybe someday I'll do some quilting. Instead, I'm going to do it NOW! (I'm excited).

And yes, this is one of the ways I've decided to curb my craftiness urges so I don't start sewing baby girl clothes for unknown recipients again :) 

So, over on the blog "Why Not Sew?" the author is doing a Quilt-A-Long. Thus, she is going to put up instructions every week or so with another block. I think her goal is to do 12 blocks. The kicker? We're hand-piecing them!  Yes, you may think we're crazy, but seriously, it's quite fun. It's just a bunch of running stitches that you can do in the evening while watching TV with your special someone (instead of slaving away over your sewing machine in a different room). 

This was block #1 called "Churn Dash." I finished it in a few hours. It was my first hand-piecing since I was a little girl thinking I was Laura Ingalls Wilder sewing felt pieces together during a 3-day long snow storm that took out our electricity (you gotta be tough living on the prairie!)

These are all scraps that I already had cut into 3" squares so I just had to trim them down a bit. I don't have enough of either the white or the red to do all 12 blocks, so I need to figure out the color scheme I'm going for. My goal is to not have to buy any new fabric for this :)


  1. I followed you over here from the flickr group. I like your blog. I had to laugh when you mentioned Laura Ingalls Wilder. I was a huge fan of the books and the tv show. My hubby and I ventured into farming for a few years with our own herd of alpacas. I often thought of Laura when I would go out each day to do my alpaca chores. Well the alpacas are long gone an adventure we are glad is over. I think I enjoy hand piecing blocks so much more than scooping the poop. So glad I joined this group and glad to sharpen a skill I can pass down to my daughter when she is old enough. Take Care.

  2. Thanks for stopping by! My posts come in sporadic spurts, but I do enjoy blogging. Sewing is definitely a great skill to pass down to your daughter; I'm so blessed that my mom took the time to teach me!