Wednesday, February 1, 2012

For Baby Quail

Because I was told to stop making baby girl clothes, I decided it was finally time to put this pattern to the test. I bought it online here a few weeks ago and put off trying it until this week.

I found the fabric at (guess where!)... yup, a thrift store. It felt like the type of fabric that men's dress shirts are made off, but I thought they might make cute baby pants. 

 Can't you just imagine a baby boy in a white onesie with these pants on? Especially in Cali? Well, maybe they should have been shorts for the California Baby, but I still think he'll be cute in them :)

Here's the backside... the pattern is called "Big Butt Baby Pants" because of the added panel to the butt. (Pattern - Made By Rae)

 I thought I was pretty clever using the same fabric for the panel, but making the stripes go in the opposite direction. Cute, huh?

 I even took the time to sew around the leg hems twice to make it look more legit. These skinny leg hems made me nervous at first - pressing them under wasn't going to be easy! However, I did a quick zigzag around the edges before pressing, and then I turned under the entire leg so I could press both sides on top of each other... worked pretty slick. One of these times I might take pictures while actually making them so you can visualize what I mean.

Until then, just tell me the pants are cute and Baby Quail is going to love them. OK? Thanks :)

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  1. Great find at the thrift store. The fabric is awesome and I do love how you've turned the stripes in the opposite direction!!!