Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Final Girls Clothes for Awhile

This will be the last "baby girl" creation post for awhile. I've had an intervention... Ok, actually Grizz finally admitted that it was a little weird for me to be sewing girls clothes when there's no intended recipient. And yes, I knew it was weird when I was doing it... but I just love how easy and cute and fun it is! 

Thus, until there is an announcement from family or friends that someone is expecting a girl, I'll put away the patterns (happily knowing that I can make them in a jiffy) and I'll put away the cute pink fabric and I'll enjoy making boy clothes and quilt blocks :) 

But, as for the creations that put me over the "acceptable" range of sewing girls clothes... Both patterns and tutorials were wonderfully easy to follow! So check them out!

Diaper Covers
(Free pattern and tutorial here)
 I made these in the size to match the pinafore you'll see later.

For the first one I made, I used some pink lace stuff to dress it up a bit. I disliked the fabric I used when I was turning it for the waist and leg elastic casings... it was unraveling and not cooperating.

 Thus, the second one I used bias tape instead of turning the fabric and it was a lot easier!

Crossover Pinafore
 This was the fabric (a thrift store pillowcase) that I could not just leave in my stash for later... I just had to make it into something!! So, I made this 6-12 month girl's crossover pinafore... pattern and tutorial.

 Here's the back...

Here's the front...

The contrasting pink fabric (the same fabric I used for the diaper covers) was found at the same thrift store as the pillowcase. The fabrics matched perfectly!

Instead of using buttons like the pattern called for, I just used velcro. I need to work on sewing narrow curves... I'm not very smooth and you can tell if you look closely at the picture. Oh well, I've got plenty of time to practice :)

Ok, that's all. Thanks for (hopefully) not judging me too much on my crazy baby clothes fever (note: I don't have baby fever... I just like sewing baby clothes!) Yeah, I just reread that; I think you're right in judging me! I may be just a little crazy. Ha :)

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  1. Mi piace il tuo lavoro, quello che stai facendo e molto bello complimenti lili