Sunday, January 29, 2012

Our First Forest Service Cabin

The Forest Service has numerous cabins throughout Montana that are available to the public as rentals. The one we found was about 2 hours away and it cost us $35 for one night. It was Dove's birthday on Sunday (today), so we went with a couple of friends to enjoy a peaceful cabin night...

 There's the crew!

 There was a pretty nice outhouse, complete with air freshener...

 We had brought our snowshoes, but decided the snow wasn't quite right for it, but we still went for a hike once we got there.

 The cabin had a little shed out back that was chocked full of logs. They also provided two axes. We all got to practice our wood-splitting skills! (It was Dove's first time ever...) Grizz took care of most of it.

 The wood stove was in the middle of the cabin. It was quite chilly at first, but once the fire had a few hours to thrive, the cabin got quite toasty. The sleeping bags we brought were too hot with that fire going all night! Grizz woke up every couple of hours to revive the fire... and he also took a tumble on the way back from the outhouse (there was ice around the cabin). Other than that, it was an uneventful night.

 The cookstove was intimidating at first (and there was a propane camp stove that was also available), but we enjoyed experimenting and learning together. We made spaghetti on this thing for supper and pancakes in the morning. Good times!

 After the warm night, we went on another walk in the morning.

 The scenery wasn't the greatest - there was a fire several years ago.

Dove enjoyed a short jog with the puppy on the morning walk. Then it was clean-up time. 

We were very happy with the cabin and we look forward to renting one again!

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