Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Week in Instagrams

 I realized that even though I posted my weekly instagrams last Sunday, that I didn't have one for that day. Thus, right before bed, I snapped this shot of the leftovers from Neighbor's birthday party. Success!

 My crochet project at the moment. New Nephew is due in two weeks, and I'm almost ready to put all the blocks together (more to come!). This instagram was excitedly shot when I realized that the pattern worked - a star to a circle to a square! Woot!

 Grizz's homemade Valentine's Day card :) What a thoughtful husband!

 Leftover cake from the birthday party... a great after-school-after-run snack!

 I really hope I can get something like this when I start teaching again. So true.

 Friday-night hockey game... remember these yummy things? Yeah, they're becoming our traditional snack at the local hockey games!

 Weekend getaway included a stop here... and a winery down the street.

Weekend getaway also included a stop here - 4 stories of glorious antiques! Alas, I refrained from buying anything. There's no room in our apartment!!

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