Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Willow Creek Falls - New Years Day 2012

Happy 2012 Everybody!

We celebrated the new year with going to the Rocky Mountain Front with some friends. One friend had already attempted to reach some of the waterfalls on Willow Creek twice, so he was pretty excited to try again. (One time he fell in the creek on a cold day, and another time he didn't have orange for his dog and it was hunting season). Anyways, we were really hoping to snowshoe, but the snow just wasn't right for that. Thus, we just hiked and enjoyed the views :)

You go through Augusta to get to the trailhead, but instead of taking the road to Gibson Dam, take a road out of town that is south of the Gibson road (look at a map). From there, you should probably just look in the Rocky Mountain Front Hiking book... I'm horrible with directions when it gets to the gravel roads near the Front!

We stopped at a fishing area on the way for some picture-ops.

The stop was also for the bathroom... a little nicer than behind a tree on the trail!

And so our hike began...

The blue sky was an amazing backdrop!

Grizz and Gidget... one of the dogs that hiked with us.

Kiyi was the other dog. She had asnazzy backpack... the backpack has a handle on it. This came in handy when we got to some steep, snowy slops on the trail. We just kind of drug her with us so she wouldn't go down the slop!

Friends :)

The first set of waterfalls. There are more if you keep hiking, but it was getting dark. I hope to see all the falls next summer!

Fences add so much to scenery pictures :)

What a great New Year! Prayers for a wonderful year for all our family and friends. We are blessed!

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