Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Like Taking Pictures at Weddings

Well, the title says it all... I like taking picture at weddings. There's just something so fun about capturing moments on a couple's big day. I will never be the primary photographer at a wedding - way too much pressure... but I love being behind the scenes and taking the unusual pictures :)
I've gone through the wedding pictures I've kept on my computer... there's a lot of them, but I hope you enjoy these!

Getting All The Details
A lot of thought can go into the wedding details... it is only right that someone documents them!

Sometimes, the hired photographer doesn't stay long into the reception...

 Unexpected Shots
These are some of my favorite... when the subjects don't know you're taking them :)

 The Big Shots
I never want to be in charge of lining big shots up... but I will enjoy the photographer's hard work and take pictures of everyone lined up! 

 Creative Shots
Another perk to never being a primary photographer? Not worrying if I'm doing anything too "artsy." I love being creative with my photography, and what better time to go wild than at a beautiful wedding!

It's always good to get a few shots at a rehearsal... 

Favorite Shot
I started taking this picture this summer when I was a personal attendant for a friend's wedding. I was in charge of playing the music off the computer for the ceremony, so I was stuck upstairs in the balcony. Turns out, you can get some fun pictures from up there! I was able to get a similar shot for my cousin...

And of course... the cute kids :)

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