Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Crafty Christmas

Well, a blog post is long overdue, and I feel like lengthening the joy of the Christmas spirit... thus, welcome to the Christmas Ornament post :)

It was definitely a crafty time for me, and I enjoyed every moment of it! I think I talked about how I crochet while substitute teaching in a previous post (remember, I am still watching the kids and ready to answer any questions they may have on their worksheet and such). Then, Miss Neighbor and I had a ornament crafting day. Thank you Pinterest for all the great ideas! 

These crocheted stockings were great for gifts - attached to presents or sent in the mail!

Sheet music (saved from church bulletins and antiqued with tea and heat) mod podged onto a glass ornament.

Buttons treaded onto florist wire.

This was Neighbor's project: shredded paper put into a glass ornament.

Sliced, dried oranges next to a crocheted star.

Hey, look! It's me :)

The stockings. I still need to get our names on them, but I'm pretty happy with how they turned out! These were my first big crochet project that wasn't a scarf :)

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