Monday, January 16, 2012

Easy Peasy Burp Cloths

There are lots of babies coming up in the fam - one in the form of a SoCal Nephew, and two in the form of a Midwest Cousins' Babies. Before the "important" family babies arrive, I've had the chance to practice my sewing-baby-stuff skills for a past co-worker's newborn. 

Of course, this idea came from Pinterest, but here's the original website that I took my ideas from. There are plenty of different tutorials out there, so have fun creating your own version of the cute and useful baby gift!

I've been picking up any flannel remnants I find at JoAnns and Walmart. The green and white-stripe flannel I used on these burb cloths was not cut very well, so when I tried to cut it with the grain, it got a little narrower than I had wanted. They still turned out fine, though. Grizz thought I was crazy when I needed to buy cloth diapers... I think he understands now, but it was fun to see his confusion at first :)

 I first folded under and ironed a half-inch to get a nice, smooth edge. I tried my best to get it centered on the diaper, but I wasn't too worried either.

Pins, pins, pins. I remember when I started sewing in elementary school, I needed to put lots of pins in. I'm feeling a bit more comfortable now-a-days ;)

I took this opportunity to use a fancy stitch to make it a bit more special. My machine doesn't like sewing on thick material, especially when I use a fancy stitch, so the stitches are definitely not even, but I still think it adds a nice touch.

 I like the loop stitch better, but again, they aren't even. Maybe next time I'll try adding ribbons... but I kind of like just the fabric. Instead of ribbons, maybe I'll just use a contrasting thread.

So, I made two of them to send. I have 8 more diapers in the pack, so I think I'll just make some to have on hand. Yay for sewing!!

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