Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duck Hunting

Say hello to my older brother. This made the blog to show you that I'm used to hunting and ducks and such... To be honest, I used to be the dog. My dad and brothers would go sneak to the far side of one of the sloughs on our land. After a set amount of time, I would go walking out toward the near side of the slough. I didn't have to sneak - my purpose was to scare up the ducks so they would fly over the guys. It must of worked this time... brother got one!

Saturday was waterfowl opener out here in the Big Sky. We scouted on Friday night - Benton Lake just North of town. LOTS of duckies. 

Since this was the first time hunting out here, Grizz decided to play it safe. We got out there before the sun rose, but Grizz didn't start walking to some water until after shooting hours started. He had to walk about half a mile, but he got out there, set up a few decoys and waiting for the flyovers - duckies trying to get away from other hunters. It worked - he got three and he only sat there for about 30 minutes!

Grizz usually just cuts the breasts off and we cook those. We did that with two of the ducks. We decided to experiment with the third one. So here's one with an apple-cinnamon stuffing. (If you're really interested, mix together some melted butter, chopped apple, bread crumbs, salt, pepper and cinnamon. Stuff it inside. Ta-da!) We roasted it for about 20 minutes in a 425 degree oven, then for about 50 more minutes, we covered it and turned the temp down to about 300. It worked, it was done. Time to eat!

Mallard meat is quite tasty... (Grizz's idea to put a picture of the final stage on the blog. Blame him!)

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