Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Not-So-Perfect Kitchen

Before I let your eyes scroll down to the picture, let me remind you of a few things...

  • I'm a sub (yesterday, today and tomorrow) for a teacher who has a 7am class (can you say early mornings?!)
  • I made a double batch of chocolate chip cookies last night (which garnered compliments from middle school and high school kids at youth group last night... there's a hint hidden in there about being busy).
  • There's a stew in the oven and bread in the bread machine as I type this (celebrate - I've never made stew before so that is a big deal).
  • I'm crocheting a scarf... thus, I like spending lazy evenings working on that - it's almost done!
  • The only reason we have dishwasher detergent in the house is in case we have company and we have excessive amount of dirty dishes (we prefer washing them by hand. Grizz and I take turns).
  • Grizz took out the garbage this morning (woot!) but didn't put a new bag in the garbage (I shouldn't complain since I do this all the time).

Hmmm.... I'm running out of excuses...

Thus, here's the picture:

Yikes, right? It's almost bad enough to not know where to begin. But, I'll start by getting out a garbage bag, throwing away stuff and putting away the recipe book and note pad. Also, I'll put away the clean dishes.

But.... do I really have to start washing them all?! Ok, ok... I know. You read earlier that we prefer washing them by hand - because even as much as I don't want to start washing those dishes you see in the picture, I would much more dislike putting them all in the dishwasher. Some day you might let me explain that concept... I'm still trying to learn about it myself... (chores I hated as a child: vacuuming and loading the dishwasher).

Ok, enough rambling. Wish me luck!

PS: I like not having a perfect kitchen; perfect kitchens only exist in magazines... and in homes that don't have fun and experiment... and of course in homes that have Moms that do a really good job of cleaning up after their daughters (thanks Mom!)

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