Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pinterest Confession

Ok. I have to confess. I LOVE Pinterest. When I first heard of it, I wasn't that impressed. Then, I started scrolling through the "pins" and started falling fast. I got signed up and now I enjoy wasting time and daydreaming while looking at others' pins and pinning things myself.

Maybe I should describe?

Pinterest is a website where you can set up your own "boards" and "pin" fun projects, photographs, or quotes to share with other people. For example, I have a "Christmas!" board where I "pin" projects from sites like Martha Stewart or Country Living and I "repin" projects that others have already put on Pinterest.

It is just so fun to see new projects and plan when I will have time to create said projects. I would upload a picture of a project I found on Pinterest and have since created it... but it's a Christmas present for several people in my life and I wouldn't want to show it to the world before they receive it!

So... if you're ever bored or if you want to start planning holiday decorations or you just want to start designing your future kitchen (yup, I have a board for that!), just head over to and enjoy!!

If you want to start your own boards and pinning, let me know and I'll invite you, otherwise it may take a week or two after you sign up before you can actually start.

Oh, and if you join, follow me! Maybe I'll even start posting on Twitter or Facebook when I pin something really fun...

Ok, that's all. Time to go eat something... or mabye I'll browse Pinterest a little more :)

I'll leave you with a glimpse of my latest find on Pinterest... and I can't wait until I can try it! (Mom, can you send me some tulle?! Thanks!)

Dishwashing Scrubbie (crocheted strips of tulle)

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