Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Reliving Last Spring :)

Last spring I spent countless lunches and prep periods looking at wedding sites and brainstorming wedding ideas. (I'll post the professional pictures soon - both on here and on Facebook). Well, now I get to relive those glory days through my cousin!

And all because two people fell in love :) Evan... thank you for proposing to Emily... and welcome to the family!

Anyways, I've been enjoying a few minutes here and a few minutes there LOOKING UP WEDDING STUFF! I have a board on pinterest just for the special occasion and at the moment, I'm looking up bridesmaid dresses. I'm also excited for another thing to do during my prep periods and lunches as a substitute!

Now, I will not be a bridesmaid-zilla (yup, I get to help celebrate the fun wedding... an awesome honor from Emily!). I will not bombard Miss Bride with all my ideas... I just like planning events, so if she decides to use some of the ideas I find, than great! And if Miss Bride finds her own ideas, even better - because regardless, it will be a fun, fun (beautiful, unique, special) day :)

Ok, back to searching the web for autumnal wedding ideas...

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