Saturday, October 15, 2011

A Midwest Heart

As we drive toward the Midwest, I cannot help but smile. Don't get me wrong, the Big Sky is a great adventure - perfect for Grizz and I to learn and grow together... However, we both grew up in the corn and bean belt of the Midwest (complete with its own tree-framed big sky), and that's where our hearts belong <3

 As we get closer to the weekend, we drive closer to our destination (a cousin's wedding). I've already flashed my big smile at a few things that remind me of home:

 A semi hauling parts of a wind turbine... Who would have thought I would have missed such a small thing as seeing turbine parts everytime I was on the interstate?!

Having the ability to determine the distance from our next turn by counting the sections on the map ... The roads around our new home don't have the lovely, grid-like quality of having a road every mile... how I have missed that!

Looking at all the waterfowl in NE SD... sure we can hunt ducks and geese in MT, but there aren't the constant pot-hole-sloughs and lakes around here like there is back home!

CORN FIELDS! All we see out in MT are beautiful flowing fields of golden wheat. Makes you miss the corn and beans of home.

OK, this one made me giggle. There is wind where we live now. The locals are SURE that their wind is the worse than any other place in the US. Well, the Montanans have a thing or two to learn about SD wind... I actually smiled when we stopped at a ND gas station as I leaned into the blowing breezes. It could have blown me over. (yah, yah, yeah... I know. Strong winds anywhere are annoying, but when you have to put up with Montana natives complaining about how bad their wind is, it is comforting to know that they don't know what they're talking about and that our prairie gales are worse than the mighty chinook winds of Montana!)

Ok, that's all I remember of our highs of returning to SD for a weekend... if I remember any more or if Grizz reminds me of more, I'll add them!

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