Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In a good mood!

Of course being in a good mood right now doesn't mean I'm ever in a bad mood - I like to think of it as being in a good mood and being in a not-so-good mood :)

Anyways, it's Wednesday and the schools dismissed an hour early today AND we have the next two days off. HOW EXCITING!!!

Here is how I plan on spending my time off...

CLEAN! So, I've been slacking ever since we returned from the SD wedding... I blame the cold I'm currently fighting for my lack of cleaning energy. But, I will spend tomorrow morning picking up and doing some laundry and maybe I'll even get the vacuum out! :)

CREATE! I plan on setting up sewing camp on our kitchen table. It is time to start sewing some gifts for birthdays and Christmas. Once camp is set up, it is not coming down until I'm done! (Thus, I need to be done sewing by Thanksgiving or else we're eating Thanksgiving dinner on the counter)

Quick Errands Trip... I need to buy some groceries and I have some coupons to use wisely at the mall and then I need some yarn. I will explain why I need yarn in my next post.

You have no idea how excited I am to have two days off where I get to enjoy myself. Yes, I will even enjoy cleaning... especially when I get the Christmas carols playing! Grizz won't let me play them around him until after Thanksgiving, so I need to sneak it out whenever I can!

Ok, time to get started with some cleaning... the sooner the apartment is clean, the sooner I can sew!

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