Monday, September 26, 2011

Cafty Fun!

I did this project almost a month ago. Grizz had a plain bulletin board that was covered with pictures. I didn't want something so... unfinished... hanging in our main living area. Thus, I bought a cream, paisley fabric remnant (usually sold cheaper since you can't decide how much you get - you get whatever was left on the bolt) from Wal-mart, along with some brown ribbon, thumbtacks and red paint.

I painted the boarder and the tops of the thumbtacks. Then, I cut the fabric to fit the bulletin board. The trickiest part of this project was deciding where to put the cross-ribbon. I should have looked it up, but with my trusty ruler, I guessed and checked until I was happy with how it looked. I used the painted thumbtacks to put the ribbon in place (with a little help with some craft glue for the outside ribbon). Added a few of the pictures that Grizz had up on the old board and hung it up... You can tell it was done quickly, but I'm satisfied... it's much better than it was at least!

I'm much more happier with this project. I received a wreath for a shower gift - it had green ivy and three gerber daisies on it. It hung outside our apartment all summer, but it needed an update for fall.

I cut the gerber daisies off and a thinned out the green ivy. Then I proceeded to cut and tuck the fall leaves in, followed by the seedy-things and finally the bunch of flowers/cattails on the bottom. Happy with what I saw, I used a hot glue gun to keep them all in place. Then, the ribbon was made into a bow and connected using florists wire - the little "Welcome pillow" was also connected with the wire.

Even though I can't change it now that I used hot glue - I'm excited to keep this around for few more fall seasons!

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