Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally! China Time!

I finally used my new china for the first time since the wedding. I had hopes to use them more often, but when they're stored under our bed, it's a little more difficult to get them out and put them away than if we just had a china cabinet... someday :)

One Sunday, we put in a roast covered with veggies in the oven before church. The bread machine also got started before church. We scooted out after the closing hymn and finished preparing the meal by making gravy.

Our neighbor and her boyfriend came and we shared a yummy, home-cooked meal! We had cake bites for desert :D

You can tell that the glasses don't match in the picture. Well, that was the idea of my mom and I. Grizz and I didn't receive any of the goblets we registered for, so instead of spending the money on matching goblets (and worrying if one should break and if the pattern is going to stick around for awhile in case we do break one), we're going on a hunt for antique goblets!

One of the glasses in the picture belonged to Grizz's grandma (we have a few more like it as well), and one of the glasses above is the clear version of my Depression glass pattern that I collect (it's called Miss America and even though I started collecting it in pink, I've decided that I'll take any color!) Lastly, the two tall matching ones are in the Fostoria pattern of Chintz. We have several more of these as well, but some of them have small chips on the rim. These were purchased off of Craigslist back in SD.

Thus, whenever I walk through an antique shop, you know what I'm looking for! Crystal goblets! Eventually, my goal is to have a set of tall ones and a set of the small ones... then we can have milk and water (or maybe wine!) on the same table. I also have a goal of getting at least one goblet in the Rosepoint pattern by Cambridge. It is also an etched pattern on clear crystal, and it is one of the most collectable of all etched patterns. I found a few in an antique store out here and they were $65 a piece. I can wish, can't I?! :)

As for my china, my Christmas list includes just a few more serving pieces, and then I'm set! I also would like a silverware chest for our nice silverware (they still haven't made it out of their packages...)

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