Thursday, September 19, 2013

Warning: Lots of Peanut Pictures

Little girl is growing up. Here she is with Daddy's hat, thinking that "life is sooo tough" after eating, and hanging out outside while Daddy is practicing his archery. She still loves the jumperoo and the bouncy chair AND she is even tolerating the swing... as she grows up, she is more willing to put up with things she may not like as much... well, until she's tired, and then anything we do could set her into a whining fit ;)

She has so many fun facial expressions! She takes after me that way... the other day, at a going-away party, she even did an Elvis expression. Silly girl :)

One night, Grizz went to a free Christian concert with friends. Peanut was already having a rough day, so I wasn't going to drag her to a concert on top of that... so, it was a walking night for Peanut and Mommy. She loves to be outside. She will calm down the moment we bring her outside. We think she just gets bored inside and loves to look at all the interesting things outside. Sometimes, if we don't feel like walking during fussy evenings, we'll just put a quilt out on the balcony and sit with her out there. She loves it!

We have tried some oatmeal cereal here and there after her 4 month appointment. She doesn't fuss (surprisingly!), but she doesn't swallow much either. I think we'll try some veggies soon.

Bathtimes are getting even more enjoyable! She seems to be loving the water more and more. I finally bought her her first bath toy... a rubber ducky of course! She loves to suck on it while we scrub, scrub, scrub... Drying her off is her least favorite part. She will try to roll to her tummy the entire time we're trying to dry her. Of course, as soon as we let her roll over, she's happy again.

Since we're moving soon, we've been trying to get out and enjoy all that this city has to offer. We've been out for a few jogs on the bike trail. We really do have a lovely bike trail along the river... perfect for evening or morning runs!

For awhile, she would stay on her hands and knees if we put her down like that... then she'd fall to her tummy and push up with her hands. Such fun exercise! Well, now she can get up on her hands and knees by herself! She may not be moving like this (although she is starting to squirm her way toward things she wants), but I'm sure she'll be crawling soon.

It is fun to see her playing with her feet. She has tried to eat them once, but other than that, she usually just grabs and pulls on her socks a bit. If you recall, she always refused a bottle, so now we are trying to give her a sippy cup every once in awhile. She can get the milk out easily - we have the kind of cup where she kind of has to bite and suck, but then she just lets it fall out of her mouth! Sometimes she'll look at me with a face that clearly says "why is that coming out of this chew toy!" I'm sure she'll get the hang out of it sometime. She loves to chew and suck on our water bottles, too :)

Sorry for the overload, but if I don't share and comment on the pictures, I'm sure I'd forget the details soon! Time flies!

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  1. such sweetness! I remember my first baby, I had to walk the floor, bounce, sing, walk some more, take her outside, take her for car rides, anything to keep her from crying all.the.time. She is the most mellow easy going teenager now. Your peanut is so cute!