Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Time Has Come...

We are in the process of moving from Montana to South Dakota. We have loved our time in the Big Sky Country and we met so many great friends while living there. However, it was time to head back to our rural roots in SD... where we can be closer to family and enjoy some good ol' country living.

Since we are transitioning in our real lives, I thought it was time to transition here in bloggy land as well. You will continue to see our adventures 'n' creations, however, they will now be posted on our new blog. "Grizz 'n' Dove" will continue to reside here, and you can always come back to reminisce about the quilts, baby gifts and hiking trips if you like :)

But, without further ado... we introduce "On the Banks of Frog Creek!"

We want to thank you for following us when we were "Grizz 'n' Dove," and we welcome you to our new lives... hope to see you there!

On the Banks of Frog Creek

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  1. Happy news that you can be closer to family now that you have Peanut. She definitely needs to be growing up nearer to her kin.Have a successful move.