Thursday, August 8, 2013

4 Months - 4 Months - 4 Months

 Time Flies! Our little Peanut is 4 months old :) She may not be growing as quickly, but her brain has definitely been ticking with how much she has learned this past month!

 We have our doctors appointment later this morning, which will include her second round of shots. I'm a little nervous just because on top of the shots, she's teething! I suspect we'll have one sleepy and cranky girl this afternoon...

But here's the scoop:
  • She can tolerate the swing, but it definitely doesn't rock her to sleep.
  • She enjoys helping Mommy put away clothes (OK, really, it's more like I can happily tote her around and she'll just lay where she's put while I put things away or pick up the apartment)
  • She loves to smile - and will even laugh sometimes! She's still a chatterbox, and has learned to do some high-pitched "screams" - she likes it when Mom and Dad squeal right back at her.
  • In stores, she prefers to be swung in her carseat rather than being placed in the cart... or better yet, we should hold her or put her in the Baby Bjorn (the carrier works well if she's about to fall asleep).
  • Teeth. Yes, we have an early teether on our hands - her two front, lower teeth are poking through! She does not know what to think of them, but she is definitely not enjoying the teething process. The early teething definitely comes from Grizz's side - his older sister got her first teeth when she was about 3 months!
  • She still likes baths, and even if she doesn't, she will quiet right down when it's time to brush her hair - she's like her Daddy who likes his head scratched :)
  • Rolling over! She would roll from her tummy to her back every once in awhile starting way back at her 2 week appointment... well, now she is rolling from her back to her tummy! It just goes to show how much she dislikes being on her back - anytime we put her on her back, she rolls right to her tummy! Anytime we put her down on her tummy, she stays put.
  • She will spin in circles while on her tummy but she hasn't scooted forward or backwards yet - even though she's trying to! She usually has her feet kicking, but she just hasn't quite figured out how to scoot.
  • She loves standing with assistance - she prefers that to sitting on our laps.
  • Naps are a little hard to come by (she'll fight them!), but she still sleeps really well at night... waking only once (or not at all) to eat and then fall right back asleep.
  • She loves putting things in her mouth, but she hasn't quite figured out how to keep things there to chew or suck on. This fact hasn't helped the teething process.
  • Nursing is still going well!
  • Cloth diapers are also going well - I have to wash every day or every other day, but I don't mind... we were in Missoula for a few days earlier this week, and I just kept her in disposables for the entire trip... I couldn't wait to get her back into cloth once we got home!
  • She's almost grown completely out of her 0-3 month onesies, but she can still fit into a few. She's comfortable in her 3-6month onesies.
  • We haven't even tried a bottle in several weeks - she just doesn't like them! She doesn't take a paci every once in awhile... even if it's just to chew on it :)

Ok, that's all the updates I can think of... sorry for such a long post, but it's mostly to help me remember her likes and dislikes once she grows older!

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