Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trip to San Diego

Even before I became pregnant last summer, my family had been planning on traveling to San Diego around Memorial Day. My oldest brother lives there with his family, and we've never taken a trip where the ENTIRE covey visited them at the same time... so, Grizz and I waited until Peanut was born to determine if we could actually travel with her via plane when she was so little. Our 14 hour car trip back to SD when she was a month old helped us realize that yes, we could take the plunge, buy tickets, and travel with a 2 month old to California :)

She spent some quality time with the grandparents and her aunt and uncle that she met in SD, and she got to meet her aunt, uncle and two boy cousins! Well, actually, she was a tad fussy while we were there, so she spent a lot of time in my arms, too... but it was worth it :) She ate in a restaurant for the first time ;) and took a stroll on the beach... she also got to show off her smile to grandma and grandpa!

Here's the morning stroll on the beach! Grizz and I actually got to go on two short runs together, since Grandma was there to watch her!

We all got to spend some time on the beach (how many birds does it take to put up a beach tent?).

Peanut's cousin S still doesn't like the water touching his feet that much! We stayed three nights at a duplex cabin on the Navy base on Coronado - right on the beach! (My brother is in the Navy and is doing his surgical residency in San Diego.) It was nice to stay right on the beach, so Grandma could watch the napping kids, while we all played in the sand and water (thanks grandparents!).

 The boys took one afternoon to go deep sea fishing - 3 out of the 4 got sick. Grizz has determined that he doesn't have to go again. The fish tasted good that night, though!

 We spent one night in a hotel on Miramar since their house isn't big enough for all of us - I never thought I'd ever eat a continental breakfast at a Navy hotel! Other highlights were just being with family, seeing how much the nephews had grown, seeing a cousin and her family for the first time in about six years and learning that traveling with Peanut isn't all that scary after all :)

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  1. I'm off to San Diego for our granddaughter's first birthday this week. You sure do make me want to get there super quick. When our kids were little we went everywhere with them and they turned into super good travelers so just go for it, family trips are always the most fun and as long as mom and dad are there the kids will adapt.