Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Win and A Peanut

Just a quick share of something that I won! Jodi from Pleasant Home was a part of "A Quilting Life" Blog tour and I won! Sherri's "A Quilting Life" (blog) just arrived yesterday, and it was so fun to browse through the projects and dream about the time when I'll have time to do a few! I went to bed thinking about the fabric I could use for the patchwork tote and one of the quilts in the book. Sigh. Someday :) 

And, just for good measure, here's a pic of Peanut's cute cloth-diapered-big-butt. She's wearing a pocket diaper from Softbums that arrived a few weeks ago. It was a gift from a married couple that I went to high school with - so sweet! As Peanut grows, the diaper will stretch out some, and her butt won't look so big. But until then, when she wears them, Grizz and I just smile at it :)

PS: the pink blanket is not covering Peanut's mouth; it just appears that way in the picture. I always make sure there's nothing covering her nose/mouth during naps and nighttime!

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