Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mt. Brown Lookout

Two Augusts ago, Grizz and I took a trip up to Glacier and hiked to the Mt. Brown Lookout. We just wanted a semi-quick hike that wasn't too far, so we could drive home later that day. I can't remember why we were on the west side of Glacier on that particular trip. Possibly, we slept in the vehicle on the east side and then drove across on the Going-To-The-Sun-Road early before traffic picked up... but that could have been another trip, too :) I'm just glad that I finally have time to post some of these pictures that have been hanging out in my "To-Blog" folder! Earlier this Spring, Grizz started along the same trail and made it to Sperry Chalet - he went with The Glacier Mountaineering Society and most of the trip required snowshoes.

 Here we are! Hiking away the morning. It was a more strenuous hike that we thought it would be, so it was a great workout for us!

 We were so excited when we could finally see the look-out. There were so many switchbacks in the trail, that it felt like it was taking us forever to get close... but we finally made it!

We sat and enjoyed our snacks for awhile before heading back down. Of course, going down went much faster :) Here were some of the views from the look-out. As usual, Grizz spent most of the time quizzing me about the names of the different mountains. Once we made it back down, the parking lot that was empty when we arrived was then full. We enjoyed a nice cold glass of Coca-Cola before heading home. It was a tiring, yet rewarding day!

Here's to hoping that Peanut enjoys hiking as much as we do! We'll start of simple, but we both look forward to taking her along with us :)

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