Saturday, June 22, 2013

Family in Tacoma

At the end of February, we took the train to Seattle/Tacoma for my uncle's funeral. While a sad occasion, we celebrated his life and the fact that he's rejoicing in Heaven. He had a long struggle with various cancers, so at least we know he's not in pain any longer. 

Many of my dad's siblings live in Washington State, which means that I don't see them very often, and I rarely see my cousins on that side! Grizz hadn't even met most of them yet, so it was nice to catch up with all of them. Whenever my dad's siblings get together, you can bet that they'll tell lots of stories. It was fun just sitting around the table, listening to them tell the tales of growing up on the farm in SD... my dad is the youngest of 8, so you can imagine the craziness of a big family :)

Family is such an essential part of our life.
 Girl Cousins 
 Guy Cousins (with a few in-laws mixed in).

 All the cousins (well, we were missing a few that couldn't travel), and all the siblings and spouses (except for the oldest brother who couldn't make it).

The 2nd cousins! 
They even tucked me in there for a few pictures... Evelyn still had about a month of growing inside me!

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