Monday, June 17, 2013

10 Weeks

 Yes, our little Peanut is growing up. She was 10 weeks old yesterday. She has survived a long road trip and a trip via airplane. She even survived her first hike in the mountains for Father's Day! 

At her 2 month appointment, she weighed 11lb 4oz and measured 23in. We were quite happy with those measurements! 

  •  She still doesn't tolerate her swing, and the bouncy seat only lasts a little while (I think it makes her lay back too far; she doesn't like being on her back for very long!). However, Grizz put together her jumperoo on Saturday and she loves it! She looks around and slobbers on the seat; I cannot wait until she is ready to actually play with the toys on it! 
  • She's still in her 0-3 month clothes, although, Gerber runs small so she is wearing a few 3-6 month onesies. 
  • She sleeps on her tummy, and tolerates naps alone much better now - which explains why I haven't blogged in awhile... I can actually clean while she sleeps in the pack-n-play instead of just holding/rocking her! 
  • She can sleep between 5-8 hours at a time at night and will usually fall back asleep after a changing/feeding. Naps during the day are usually between 30min-2hours. I am really trying to focus on not letting her stay awake too long, as I can tell this adds to her fussiness.
  • Yesterday (Father's Day), we took her to church, the mountains and to a friend's BBQ. She had screaming fits multiple times in the carseat, and she didn't have one normal nap - she only had a few catnaps - one each in the carseat, in the Baby Bjorn, during the sermon and with one of our friends at the BBQ. Thus, it was her first 8hr sleeping session last night. 
  • Because of her fussiness, the Dr. prescribed Zantac to see if that helps with some Silent Reflux. When I'm feeling lucky, I don't give it to her just to see how she does without it. Today, she has done well, but then again, she has slept for most of the day :)
  • She smiles... oh, her smiles make me so happy! She likes to "talk" when she's awake and content (these time periods do seem to get longer as she gets older).
  • She has started pooping less often, but when she does, she does! Sometimes we call her "Gurgle Butt" due to the noises that let us know that she finally pooped :)
  • She hasn't taken a bottle yet (we've only tried about 4 times) and she has only truly taken the pacifier twice (in San Diego while she was screaming in the car!).
  • She rolled from her tummy to her back at each of her Dr. appointments, but she finally did it for me a few times at home. She doesn't do it every tummy time, but she can do it!
  • I have started venturing out with her more often. She went to two craigslist pick-ups last week, plus on Friday she went to Walmart in the morning and to the mall in the afternoon (Grizz needed a dark blue shirt for the Patriotic Cantata he was in that night).
  • We are loving the cloth diapers, even though we've had a few leaking problems with the pocket diapers. I figured out today that these leaks were due to the diapers and the inserts repelling moisture. Really, I squirted water on them and the water just beaded up and fell off. I researched and think it is due to using Tide powder as a laundry detergent. The prefolds have been fine since they are a natural fiber, but the pocket diapers/inserts are microfiber and the detergent has just been building up. Thus, I need to strip them and start using a different detergent. I ordered Soap Nuts and hope they arrive soon! Until then, we'll use the prefolds and disposables (we're up to size 2 now!).

I don't usually let Grizz take pictures of me with Peanut... I'm usually in sweats with my hair in a messy ponytail during the day. I was very happy that she was smiley after church one day, so I could finally get a good picture with her! I think Grizz took at least 15 pictures of me with her and they are all so cute! We are very blessed to have each other and to have Peanut. Smiles all around :)

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