Tuesday, May 21, 2013

More Low-Quaility Phone Pics

The Many Faces of Peanut... we have yet to get a picture of her smiling (gassy or otherwise) and I refuse to take pictures of her crying (so far... I'm sure that will change eventually!). This refusal leaves us very few opportunities to take pictures other than of her sleeping, but at least we have a few of her awake and alert. The bottom left picture shows Peanut contemplating about wether or not she likes the swing yet. She has improved  - as long as we put her down when she's content, she'll stay content swinging for about 5 minutes :)
She is still a cuddlebug! I still can/t get over how much she likes to have her head in a crack while sleeping - in my armpit, neck, between my legs, between my arm, body and/or the chair/bed, etc. She'll just wiggle herself around until she finds the perfect placement for her face!

We've been having her practice sleeping in her pack-in-play in front of our porch door during the day. Then we'll wheel it back into the bedroom at night. If there's one thing I've learned about being a mom, it's "you do what you gotta do." She's mostly been sleeping with us - either on my chest or on her side next to me. I have figured out, though, that she'll sleep well on her own on her tummy. I know, I know. But it works. She even slept by herself for two sessions last night and with me for only one session. Improvement!

There's Peanut with her cake at the math teachers' shower. So cute! The bottom picture shows a blanket she received from one of Grizz's coworkers. It's John Deere cotton on one side and minky on the other. It's perfect for this future farm girl :)

Last up for today is the quilt from Grizz's mom. (I'm still waiting to take a picture of the quilt my mom made... I'm hoping to hang it up as soon as we find a dowel long enough to hang it up with). Back to this beauty, tho :) She machine appliqued with verrigated thread and added hand-embroidered details to the cute bugs. She even hand-embroidered Peanut's name and date of birth. Peanut is lucky to have precious quilts from both grandmas! I know I still treasure the quits I have from both of my grandmas! This quilt has a special place on top of our ottoman to brighten up the room and it's perfect for supervised tummy play time!

*Her fussy times are still sticking around. We tried gas drops to see if they would help, but they actually seemed to make her crying/screaming worse, so we stopped those. I'm still concerned about what seems like "silent reflux," but for the most part, I've resisigned myself to having a colic-y baby.
*I think her hair is growing a little bit. Her Alfalfa rooster-tail only shows itself every once in awhile, instead of all the time!
*She's starting to enjoy bath time a little more; well, at least she isn't screaming while in the water! She still dislikes the drying off part and the lotion part.
*Cloth diapering is actually going really well. We have only done it during the day and at home - but because it has gone so well, I may even try it at night or while we're out in public soon!

Ok, Happy Tuesday! I'm a single parent for the 2nd time in my life tonight; Grizz has to stay overnight somewhere up North for a night. This also happened a few weeks ago. Wish me luck - hopefully she has a better evening than usual :)

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