Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Color Cards

It's been awhile since I posted color cards, but I found these while I was cleaning folders off the computer (Peanut is asleep in my arms again!). These are made using my own photography in Photoshop.

 Garden Full: Perfect for the Spring and Summer... purples and greens are my favorite colors, plus this combo reminds me of my wedding. I didn't care what the shades were; I just mixed and matched all shades of purple and green... I like to think it created more depth than if I had just stuck with one shade of each. :)

 Golden Flight: I come from a big bird-watching family, so I was excited when I got a great picture of the common Goldfinch as it ate from one of my dad's many birdfeeders. I think this combo would be a great color scheme for a sunroom.

 Gravel Road: Yes, this is an actually picture of a gravel road. I grew up in the country, and I look forward to moving back to the country soon. This scheme is full of great neutrals...

 Mini Exotic: I still don't know what type of plant or bug this is. I took this shot in McCrory Gardens in Brookings, SD. This combo would be great in a kids' bathroom or even a bedroom or playroom. Bright, saturated colors!

Tree Rings: I've always loved taking macro shots of tree stumps trying to get as much detail of the rings and cracks as I could. "Tree Rings" is another neutral color scheme, perfect for a muted lap quilt or for a rag rug... understated details in a simple room.

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