Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Gifts from Gma Q

I showed you the quilt from Grizz's mom the other day (here)... and this weekend we finally hung up the quilt from my mom, so I can finally share it!

I found this quilt pattern online while searching for baby quilt books. This was the quilt on the cover of Cuddle Me Quick (link), and I loved it right away (must be the teacher in me! I bought the book and had it shipped to Mom, who lovingly obliged to make it for me... errr, for Peanut! :) The yellow goes perfectly with the furniture we painted for Peanut. Now, I just have to attach the label (the top picture) with a few buttons and it will be complete!

Mom's usual gift also includes a baby bag with the name on it. I still have mine from when I was a baby. These bags started out as being completely made of corduroy with faux fur for the name. Over the years, Mom has started to experiment and add denim (often times from a pair of jeans that was worn by a special person in the baby's life... either a parent or a grandparent... in Peanut's case, she gets a pair of my jeans!). Mom still uses the faux fur for the name and the corduroy is still used on the inside of the bag. But, as you can see, she has used the pockets of the jeans, fabric from the quilt she made, old doilies from my wedding and even added some ruffles to the front. I'm sure this will become one of Peanut's favorite things to tote around :)

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