Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sewing Fun at Garage Sales

On that same Friday when I found this Christmas gold-mind, I also picked up some sewing goodness!

 There were two sales right next to each other. The notions were at the same sale as the Christmas wrapping paper, and the mini-ironing-board was at the one next door. It was only 50 cents! The top of it is pretty dirty, so I'm in the process of making a new cover. I also have decided to paint it - I'll show you the finished product later! I was just so happy to find one, since I've been looking for one every since sewing this newborn dress. Lately, I've been struggling ironing the hems on the shorts I'm sewing for Hopeful Thread's July project, so I know this will help me out!

 As for the sewing stuff - the lady said 5 cents each for the bias tape and the trim and she wanted a dollar for the pinking sheers. She had two pairs, but the other one chewed up the fabric she gave me to test them out. This one cut like a champ though, so I'm glad I didn't buy one at JoAnn's like I've been meaning too lately!

 She said 50 cents for all the buttons... not too shabby, especially when there were a few still on the paper!

These are my favorite - although I'm not sure I believe it when they say they are "genuine pearl buttons." Really? Hmm... I suppose cowboys/farmers wear pearl snaps on their shirts, so I shouldn't be surprised!

Overall, at the two sales, I spent $2.75! That includes the vintage wrapping paper and an old Bingo game (I wanted the cards for some craft ideas that are spinning around my head). Add that to the $10 archery target for Grizz at a different sale (they wanted $15 but they took my offer!)... not a bad Friday morning :)


  1. Boy! You should be all set to put something fabulous together for the holidays now can't wait to see what you'll come up with.

  2. Oh I too love a bit of vintage habby. Great finds..adore the button cards especially.