Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Christmas In July - Wrapping Paper

Last Friday, I set out with Neighbor and her mother for a morning of shopping - this included a few garage sales on the way to the mall. We found quite a few fun things (including a archery target for Grizz so he wouldn't feel left out while at work, ha!)

 I was so excited when I found these two boxes at one of the sales - it's cute, old wrapping paper! The lady of the sale didn't have any prices on things, and it seemed like she took any offer we gave her. Considering that, I should have tried to go for less, but I'm not going to complain since I got both boxes for just a dollar! Sure, one of the boxes was half gone, but I still think I did alright considering how much brand new wrapping paper is!

The half-used box also had a package of Christmas cards! Thus, I'm thinking a few of my girl friends are going to get these cute forest animals in the mail come December!

There was one sheet of stickers too - they are the kind that pop out and then you have to lick them. That kind always reminds me of the stickers we used at Sunday School when I was younger...

 Look at all that Christmas goodness! The picture doesn't even show all of the pieces in the boxes. I want to use them, I do, but I know it's going to be hard come gift-wrapping time to actually cute into some of these sheets!

Here are close-ups of just a few of the pieces... I promise I won't show you all of them!

 Ok, so this one might actually be easy to cut into... who ever thought Santa should be bright pink?! Perhaps I'll wrap our niece's gift in it. She loves pink and I think it would make her giggle. I can just hear her "Mama, Santa's not supposed to be pink!" :)

 To be honest, I might have walked right past the boxes, but when I looked in one of them, I saw that one sheet was full of game birds. And yes, this bird is very dear to my heart, so I couldn't pass them up! I'm thinking this will have to wrap my mom's gift :)

 This one just makes me laugh. It reminds me of Disney's Fantasia for some reason. I can just see these illustrations walking quickly about their Christmas business while Christmas carols are playing in the background!

 Here's what Santa is supposed to look like - a big red nose and a cheerful wink!

Then look at this cute snow-couple. *Sigh* Wrapping paper just isn't the same anymore!

 This little guy looks just like the youngest boy in Peter Pan - look at those pajamas!

And his sister gets the treat of putting the star on top of the tree. Perfect :)

 Ok, Ok, I promised I wouldn't show you all of the paper close up, so I'll stop with this one - just know that there are lots more sheets of lovely vintage goodness. I'm sure I'll get laughed at when I show up with gifts wrapped in old-fashioned paper, but I just can't help what I love!


  1. Great find! I love vintage wrapping paper and cards,but I have the same problem...they're too pretty to use.

  2. The patterns are sweet!! I remember my Mom having paper in a box- great find!!

  3. Oh my goodness, those are CUTE! I love the one with the men doing their Christmas thing and the little girl putting the star on the tree. I would have grabbed these in a second. I recently bought a box of cards, including wedding and thank you, from the 1950's, and I am determined to use them as they were intended. (really, i'm going to use them (trying to convince myself)) I would be thrilled to see more of your paper in the future.

  4. Cute cute!! Love the pink Santas!!