Thursday, June 14, 2012

What We Wore

I told you that you might be seeing some more wedding pics :) I know, I know, it was over a year ago (a year and three days, ha!), but I just feel like reminiscing...

Gosh he looks good ;) 

Grizz picked out black suits from a local store that he, the groomsmen and the fathers all bought. (Buying suits costs about the same as renting tuxes AND you get to keep them!) I found the ties at JCP - the groom and the groomsmen had matching striped ties, while the ushers and the fathers had small squares in the same color on their ties. The vests were also purchased at JCP.

My dress was found at David's Bridal. My criteria? White. Lace. Straps. And it had to have a fun back - during the ceremony, that's all that the guests get to look at! :) The sash  is different than the one that the dress originally came with, but it was bought at David's as well.

You gotta have fun shoes! These purple beauties were bought online from Sears. Yup. Sears. They were on sale for $25. I had originally found ones for cheaper in the actual store, but they were half a size too big :( 

I was surprised with how hard it was to find colorful dress shoes at a reasonable price. Sears pulled through! 

My veil. 

I loved it. I tried using one from JoAnns - you know, one of those pre-made ones? It was too floofy and too short. I also wasn't going to shell out $100 or so for a boutique one... it's just a length of tulle with some edging! So, I went up to my closet at my parents' home and took out Mom's dress and veil. It was perfect! There was a lace edging already on it (I think Mom said they glued it on). However, it was attached to a wire loop, since she wore it under a crown of daisies. Thus, there were also a few spots of yellow pollen.

We cleaned it up and took it off the wire loop. Mom attached it to some ruffled white fabric, and I attached it to a comb. I also glued on some pearl and crystal beads. It worked!

Another important feature of the veil was that there was a blusher (you know, the thing that you can wear over your face as you walk down the aisle?) That was a must. BUT! I almost forgot to put the veil down! Right before walking down the aisle Dad turned to me and asked "Weren't you going to have the veil down so I have to lift it up later?" Thankfully I had schooled him earlier in the whole lifting it up at the end of the aisle so he could remind me - he saved the day!

My necklace. 

Another favorite detail. Mom wore it at her wedding as well, but the fun doesn't stop there. It belonged to my great-grandmother. Isn't it beautiful? I believe the pendant is a lavalier style (Wikipedia). The pendant belongs on a gold chain, but I put it on a thinner, silver one... my ring as a touch of two-tone as well. 

This necklace itself could count as my something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue (the pendant is old, the chain was new, the necklace was borrowed from my grandmother and the pendant has a very small blue stone on it!)

 The bouquet. 

I had so much fun with the flowers - a lady from church who used to work with Mom did most of our flowers, but Mom and I did help a little. I bought fake flowers from JoAnns and Michaels - all on sale and with coupons, of course! And we bought the flowers from a grocery store chain that has a floral shop- I didn't know before that you can order and buy bunches of flowers from floral shops! Anyways, I'll show more decorations later that included more of the fake flowers, but here's what was in my bouquet...

Daisies - I asked for ones with a green center
Kermits (sometimes called baby mums) - Green
Wax Flower - White
Mini Carnations - Dark and Light Purple
Lisianthus (sometimes called a paper rose) - Purple... we didn't know until they arrived that some of the buds would be purple on the outside but green in the middle - perfect!
Hydrangea (fake) - Green.. these weren't the whole heads, just little snips attached to florist wire

Greenery: Veregated Pit, Letherleaf Fern, Salal Leaf (most of this was used in boutonnieres) and Hypericum (these are small green-seedy-things). There's also a bit of green plant in there that you will see more of later, but was actually found out in a country ditch. It was a perfect addition, though!

 So, there you have it. What we wore on our wedding day. Perhaps there's something in there for you or someone you know who is planning a wedding... or perhaps you're like me and you just love weddings :)

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  1. I love the personal touches of your wedding and I LOVE that you did so much yourself! These days couples are going into debt for one day forgetting that it's a marriage not a wedding day that matters in the long run. I made the bridesmaid dresses, headpieces, our wedding cake and all the food for our wedding. It must have worked out because here we are 44 years later, :)