Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blog Awards

Well, I've had a few awards passed my way, so I hope you don't mind a little post about me :)

Ann from Sew Incredibly Crazy awarded me the Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award. After reading the required questions, head on over and check out her fun blog :)

As for the questions I need to answer to receive these awards... enjoy!

     ~Favorite Color~
Purple and Green (couldn't you tell from the wedding post?!)

     ~Favorite Animal~
Grizz shakes his head, but I just love cats! I can't wait until we are out of this apartment so we can have a cat and a dog... outside of course, where they belong :)

     ~Favorite Number~
11, 17, and 41 - I think I have a thing for prime numbers...

     ~Favorite Drink~
Hot Chocolate

     ~Facebook or Twitter~
I'm on both, but I prefer Facebook.

     ~My Passion~
My passions for life: Faith. Family. Friends.
My passionate hobbies: Running. Photography. Creating. Mathematics.

     ~Giving or Getting Presents~
I love receiving a good present, but nothing beats giving the perfect gift.

     ~Favorite Day~

     ~Favorite Flowers~
Lilacs. Lilies of the Valley. Daffodils.
(But feeding rocks to Snapdragons is quite amusing, so I suppose it's a favorite flower, too!)

I've decided to pass these awards on to the following bloggers:

Patricia over at Dogwood Lane Rambles
Connie over at Quilting By The River

Check their great blogs out too!

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