Thursday, June 21, 2012

Greetings from Mt. Helena

OK, we're not actually on top of Mt. Helena at the moment... 

 ... but a few weeks ago we were!

 Mt. Helena is a mountain on the edge of Helena, MT. We were in the city for an entire week as Grizz had some job training event there.

 On the last day, we decided to hike up Mt. Helena, which is part of a city park. Yup, the mountain is a city park - fun, right?!

There were several trails to hike on, but of course we ended up on the most steep one - right up to the top!

It was a little windy up there, but what an amazing view! It was well worth of the climb!

Here you can see the college in town. Fun, old buildings like these were all over the city.

Two days before hiking up the mountain, we walked around the mansion district... I guess a lot of millionaires used to live in the city, and their houses were amazing! If you look hard enough, you'll see a white house with what I call a "Rapunzel" tower. Sigh. I always wanted a tower bedroom! 

 From the top, you can also see the well-known landmark of "The Sleeping Giant." Can you see him?

 The trail was so steep that we couldn't even safely run down it. We had to stick to walking. It's a odd habit of ours to run down mountain trails after hiking up them... but not this time. Toward the bottom, we found this cute little bird in it's house - Dad, what kind is it?! :)

 As we got on the interstate and headed home, we realized that we never took a picture of the entire mountain. Since it's from a moving vehicle, it's not the best, but it still fun to point and say, we were just up there! :)

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