Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sharing Some Finds

 This fun feed-sack came from the vintage store in town... when I saw it, I wasn't quite sure what to make with it, but I knew I could come with something. Besides, if we leave MT someday, at least we'll have something fun to display from here :)

 While looking around Pinterest, I found a great chair with the seat covered in a feedsack (link). Grizz has approved!

 I picked these two music books at a craft and collectable show a few weekends ago. Just one can of soup got me in! And a dollar got me both of these :)

 The lyrics/poem was printed on the inside of the God Bless America sheet music.

 The piano practice book has a lots of fun illustrations.

 It also has practice tips on the bottom of some of the pages.

 Cute, huh? I'm thinking they'll be great to mod-podge onto something, or maybe just to keep on a future piano... it makes me want to go practice just looking at it!

 Smart tip! It also goes for math problems on homework or a test ;)

Here's one more picture for your viewing pleasure...


  1. Those are great finds, you were definitely on a roll. I'm sure a good use for everything will surface by and by.

  2. Fantastic finds..the sack is wonderful! and will make a great chair.