Sunday, May 20, 2012

Details from Mt. Frazier

 This past Saturday, we climbed a mountain with the Glacier Mountaineering Society (Grizz is a member). GMS usually does climbs/hikes/snowshoes in Glacier National Park, but they will venture outside the park. Mt. Frazier is part of the Rocky Mountain Front, and is closer to our town than Glacier, so we gladly signed up for the hike.

 While we were actually climbing on the mountain, we were constantly seeing fossils!

 It was like we were in the middle of the sea, when we were actually at 8,000 ft elevation!

 The mountains in the Front aremade of Madison Formation Limestone.

All the fossils and indentations and coral made the hike like an Easter Egg hunt... very fun!

 During the hike to and from the mountain, there were plenty of wildflowers to look at.

 Wild Strawberry... at least I was sure it was a strawberry plant, until I read that wild strawberry flowers have 5 petals instead of the six you see above... hmm....

Pasqueflower. (State flower of my home state!)

 Parry"s Townsendia (?)

 Glacier Lily.
Glacier Lily. This is edible (Grizz and I tried it!). Bears can be found eating this as well.

Check out the other post about the hike to see some amazing mountain views!

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