Sunday, April 22, 2012

Hike to Red Lake

After camping near Gibson Dam, Grizz planned out a short hike to a nearby Red Lake...

Here, we felt like singing a well known "The Sound of Music" song... can you guess which one?! :)

It is pretty early for wildflowers, but we did find a few!

I saw several of these flowers that weren't open yet...

... so I celebrated when I found these semi-open ones!

Here is Red Lake... small, dirty, but still fun to find :) I do believe we'd call this a slough back in the Midwest!

Any guesses? Coyote perhaps?

Grizz likes to steal the camera... 

Neighbor stole the camera this time!

One more Macro shot :)

This stream followed us on the hike back to the vehicle. It was to bright out to try slowing down the shutter speed for fun water pics, so this one will just have to do.

Nature is such a perfect subject for photography! God is an amazing artist!

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