Friday, April 6, 2012

Fishing in March

A few weeks ago, Grizz had a field day for his bowhunting safety course in Helena, MT. During his two hour training, I ransacked the local thrift stores and antique shops - it's always fun exploring new places!

 After the training, we met up with some friends from our home state and took a hike along the Missouri River. The boys went fishing, while us gals stood in the rain and chatted.

 They brought one of their puppies along...

 Grizz learned how to fly fish last year, so he's still working on his technique.

 There he is, enjoying the soft (and cold!) spring rain shower...

 This guy didn't fly fish (he just learned last year too, and was worried about getting frustrated in front of us!)... it worked though, since he caught two, beautiful rainbow trout!

 The rain died off eventually. Isn't the scenery gorgeous?!

 More fishing (more like snagging, but it was good practice!).

 It was fun to get together with a couple we don't see very often but who has connections to back home.

 On the hike, we passed by Hauser Dam - one of the dams on the Missouri River.

 On the way home, we started talking about all the dams that are on the river, and about how many more we need to see to see all of them. It may not be everyone's dream to see all the dams on the Big Missouri, but oddly, it just became a dream of mine :p

Yes, we took a "dam" picture by the lovely dam... this is what I get for marrying an engineer! Furthermore, don't you just love my rain-soaked hair?! Cute.

On the way home from Helena, you get to see the "Sleeping Giant" of the mountains. Can you see him? On one of our trips, Grizz and I named him, but I don't remember what it was. We like to name things (Misty my calculator, White Fang my old car, and Nigel, the plant we just threw out... that's just a few examples!)

One last scenic shot from the drive home. Living in the Big Sky state does have it's advantages!


  1. I LOVE the shot you linked up to Sweet Shot Tuesday! What a beautiful backdrop for your fishing trip! I'd have to drive pretty far to see mountains like those where I live!

  2. Love Montana... your 'dam' shot is 'd*#%' good! lol...