Friday, March 2, 2012

Baby Blanket... ALMOST DONE!

As a soon-to-be auntie (again!), I wanted to make something for the little man. His older brother will soon be 2, but back when he was born, I didn't have the time to make anything (finishing college and getting ready for my first year of teaching!). It's crazy how life changes in just two years. Now, I'm just a substitute teacher with time on my hands (especially when all I do is watch the same video five times during the day!). Thus, the crochet blanket...

Way back on Black Friday this past year, I bought this... Hip 2B Square Baby Wraps. At the time I was in the middle of crocheting granny squares for Christmas Stockings (see finished picture), and I had been searching the internet for granny squares with stars in the middle. I didn't find any that I fell in love with until I was waiting in the cutting line with a pile of fabrics (JoAnns was busy on Black Friday - I was in that cutting line for 3 hours!). I found this book and it had the perfect star block in it :)

 Right before Christmas, I bought the yarn and ever since I've been crocheting at school - remember, I only do it when the kids are busily working and behaving, during prep periods and during lunch.

 I finally finished all the blocks last week and am now sewing them into rows and columns.

I chose three colors - blue, green and cream - of Bernat Softee Baby yarn (also a JoAnn's purchase). I chose the star block and the quick eyelet block. Check out the book to get the patterns!

 Oops, I made a mistake while calculating how many of each block I needed. Instead of making two blue eyelet blocks, I made two star blocks. I quickly did two more blue blocks... but now I have two extra star blocks. What do I do with them?!

I really like the layout I came up with. The colors go diagonally up to the right and the star blocks go diagonally up to the left! Look forward to seeing the final product!

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