Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Week in Instagrams

My new weekly post: every Sunday you get a recap of the Instagrams Dove (and/or Grizz) took the past week. Hoping this happens every(-ish) Sunday :)

Because I just started using the app on my phone on Wednesday, you only get 4 pics. Sad day :)

 Yes, we still have candy canes hanging out on our kitchen table. They're mostly pinks and reds, right? Perfect for V-Day! Ha.

 Sewing during my prep period at work. A future post will explain the project :)

I did it. I moved the sewing machine (and everything that goes along with it) into the 2nd bedroom. We're hosting a birthday party tonight, so I knew I had to move it. Thus, the 2nd bedroom is now my craft/sewing room. It's a mess and it's stuffed full. BUT, Grizz can't get mad at me because I have sewing stuff overtaking the kitchen table!

Thrift store finds. More fabric and some lovely quilting books. Overall, I spent less than $10 - thats how I like to fabric-shop! The Christmas Tree wall quilt book matches a wreath wall quilt that Mom made when I was younger. I could have bought the instructions for that too, but I'm assuming she still has the book :)

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