Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sub File #2

Today is a short one.

I didn't work on Tuesday as Grizz was still recovering and I didn't get called in yesterday (I really appreciated this - I cleaned like a maniac. AND loved it!) But, I was ready to work this morning and I welcomed the call that came around 6:30. Sub Lady asked me to work for the same teacher as the one I worked for last Wed, Thurs and Fri (let's call her Mrs. Stamp). I had already been given the heads up that I would be asked back for Mrs. Stamp, so I wasn't surprised (nor was I overly excited... she has small classes, but they can be somewhat difficult kiddos who struggle with math).

So, I arrived at the middle school, signed in, and went up to the room. Lo and behold, Mrs. Stamp is already at her desk, working away. Hmmm... this isn't right. She had told Sub Lady that she needed a sub tomorrow and next Tuesday. She happily updated me with what was going on tomorrow and next Tuesday as I am most likely working for her then. Wonderful.

Back to the office. Secretary called Sub Lady to tell her the mistake. I sat around for about 10 minutes waiting to here from Sub Lady if there were any other openings (I was already dressed, so I might as well work!). She called the Secretary to tell me that there was a music teacher out at an elementary close by. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Can you see me in a room with squirrely little children, trying to keep control in a music room?! Um. No Thanks. That just won't do.

I waited around for another half hour and then called Sub Lady myself. No more openings, but we did get me booked for Mrs. Stamp tomorrow, a different middle school math teacher on Monday and Mrs. Stamp again on Tuesday. Goody.

So, now I'm back home, catching up on my internet reading. What will I do with my day?! Since I cleaned yesterday, I have ALL day to be crafty! Be excited!!

PS: I'd usually wouldn't mind that I was dragged from my warm apartment to go sit in a middle school office while Sub Lady decides what to do with me... However, our apartment's parking lot hadn't been plowed yet and the sidewalks hadn't been shoveled. I was wearing flats. DO YOU KNOW HOW COLD YOUR FEET ARE WHEN YOUR SHOES AND SOCKS ARE COVERED IN SNOW?! They still haven't warmed up! Lesson learned: don't count on the snow being moved yet and wear pants that are long enough for your nice dress boots.  Or, ask your mom if you can borrow her moon boots ;)

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