Monday, October 24, 2011

Old-School Style

I've been wanting to write this post since the first time I subbed over at the high school in the middle of town (there's two here, one in the middle of town and one much closer to us on the edge). The one in the middle is much older than the other...

I start smiling every time I walk down it's hallways. Well, sometimes I giggle and sometimes I can't believe it hasn't been updated since the thing was built - or maybe I can't believe how poorly they have updated the few things they have. Anyways... description time.

Wood floors. Not the modern kind either... the kind that you find in old gyms and in old movies: thin strips and lots of wax on top.

Chalk boards. Ok, so maybe only a few of the rooms have chalkboards, as most have whiteboards. But, the one classroom I'm thinking of in particular had chalkboards on three walls. The board at the front of the room even had a moveable section (reminiscent of Miss Honey's classroom in the movie Matilda). Of course, the chalk boards wouldn't be complete without the thin wood trim around it... and around the entire room... and around the entire hallways... and doors... yup.

Hallways. Picture this: white molding on the vaulted ceilings, hanging light fixtures with brass trimmings, built in lockers, oak handrails down the middle of the wide staircases, out-of-order white ceramic water fountains...

 Last but not least, the auditorium. I've only been in here once to look after a study hall, but it is a combination of SDSU's Rotunda classrooms and Donor Auditorium (where the PRT plays are held). There are desks bolted into the multiple levels (higher as you get farther from the stage), a dusty gold curtain, huge light fixtures, light sconces on the wall, and old tiled floors.

This is not a post to poke fun at old buildings - I love old buildings! I just had to share my observations at one of the schools I sub at. And, I thought maybe it would bring back memories for my parents' school days :) and for my younger crowd... just envision Grease!

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