Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bunco Club

Click on "Bunco" above to link to the Wikipedia site explaining what Bunco is. For this blog post, you only really need to know that it is a dice game needing a group that numbers a multiple of 4 (you need 4, 8, 12, etc players in order to play).

Anyways, because of the need of a specific number of players, I was asked to be a substitute at Bunco Night. A few ladies at our church started the Bunco club a few years ago (there's a few non-Lutherans who come too, but we don't hold it against them, haha!) and they meet at each other's houses once a month. Since playing last Thursday, I've already been booked for the next two months! Who knows, maybe I'll start being a regular.

It was actually quite fun... yes, I was the youngest by about twenty years, but it was still fun to get to know a few of the ladies at church and for them to get to know me. I would love to host it some time, but we don't even have one folding table, let alone three - I'm not sure if our tall kitchen table would be the best for some of the ladies.

Like Wikipedia says, Bunco is a dice game where there is no skill needed... just luck! In the first two rounds, I was well on my way to winning the prize for the most losses (I had 4 wins and 8 losses) but the third and final round, I didn't lose once! There went my chance for a prize. I could have also won a prize for the most wins or the most buncos. The lady who hosted, hosts every October because her house is fully decorated with Halloween stuff - she loves Halloween! Thus, the prizes were Halloween themed.

I also learned about a new tradition at Bunco night... "Boo"-ing someone. Around Halloween, put together a little Halloween gift and leave it at someone's doorstep. Leave a note explaining that the recipient got "Boo"-ed and that they should now go "Boo" someone else (very similar to May Day baskets). Guess what I did?! Yup, I picked up some Halloween-themed do-dads at JoAnns and Bath and Body Works and left it at our neighbor's door. I had planned on doing it to our other two friends as well, but we haven't been to that side of town lately (and, they're coming over tonight to make caramel apples with us, so I'll just give their goodies to them!)

Ok, I have to get ready for the friends :) Have a great week!

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