Friday, September 2, 2011

And it begins...

Again, no judging the blog typed from my phone! I'm just hanging out in a classroom during my lunch... I finished my book during the prep period, so here I am with nothing to do!

First three days of school for the kids = first three subbing jobs for me! The regular teacher had a death in the family, so I took over her classroom for a few days. It's quite nice to be in the same room all three days as I am on the verge if knowing all 123 or so student names! I've been blessed with the other teachers here as they have helped me decide what to do each day and they just make sure I know I'm welcome here and greatly appreciated. The regular teacher didn't have time to make actual lesson plans, so it's been up to her team teachers and the other science guys. Everything has worked out! It's great being in the classroom again! (and making money again!)

Anyways, Grizz's family is coming for the weekend, so the apartment is clean and the shelves are stocked with supplies to make some bars after school today. Only a few more classes to go!

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